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Discover how to boost happiness in all aspects of your life

How Happy is Your Love Life?
50 Great Tips to Help You Attract and Keep the Perfect Partner.

If you’re single and want to be in an awesome relationship then get this book. You’ll find out how to recover from a break up, when to have sex for the first time and essential questions to ask your date.

How Happy is Your Marriage?
50 Great Tips to Make Your Relationship Last Forever

If you’re married, in a long-term relationship or plan to be, then get his book. You’ll find out why you’ve got to keep having sex, how to choose your battles wisely and why you need to give more to your partner.

How Happy is Your Health?
50 Great Tips to Help You Live a Long, Happy and Healthy Life.

If you want to live disease-free to a ripe old age then get this book! 
You’ll find out which plastics are safe to use, how your language can help you lose weight, the 12 fruits and vegetables you must buy organic and how to look 7 years younger.

How Happy is Your Home?
50 Great Tips to Bring More Health, Wealth and Joy into Your Home.

If you want to achieve prosperity and harmony in all areas of your life then get this book. 
You’ll find out how to bring more opportunities through your front door, improve your office lay out for success and discover the 10 bedroom principles for better sex and sleep.

"If you’re single get this book. If your friends are single, get them this book. How Happy is Your Love Life? is the most realistic and spiritual book on finding a partner I have ever read.”

— KIMBERLY SELTZER, Therapist & Dating Expert

How Happy is Your Marriage? is an incredibly constructive book that has done wonders for improving communication between my partner and I.”

— CORY GOODMAN, Screenwriter

"How Happy is Your Health? is a really cutting edge health book in a useful, insightful guide.”

— LAUREN CURNYN, Psychologist

“Absolutely Spot on! Great advice for creating a more harmonious atmosphere in the home. Go buy How Happy is Your Home? - It's brilliant!”