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After Miscarriage

A digital program to help you through the grieving process

Have you lost a baby during pregnancy or just after giving birth?

If you have, I will help you now.

Perhaps you’re thinking …

  • It’s my fault. I did something wrong.
  • Maybe I’m not capable of having a baby.
  • I’m really depressed that this happened to me.

Regardless of the negative thoughts that are rushing around your head – whether you lost your baby just recently, a few years ago, or many years ago – this digital program, After Miscarriage, will help you move through the grieving process, give you miscarriage support and help with your pregnancy after miscarriage.

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Here are some of the results you can expect. You will:

Stop blaming yourself or anyone else for your loss.

Let go of all negative thinking about what happened and why.

Release grief, anger and guilt to speed up your grieving process.

Focus positively on your next steps and your future.

Release all fear of it happening again if you choose to get pregnant again.

I know how you feel.

sophie-keller-after-miscarriageLosing a baby can be a devastating experience for anyone; it was  when I lost my baby at just over 20 weeks. I felt very depressed and alone, and apart from a few books, I couldn’t find the help I needed. And so I created the deep healing method you’re going to find in After Miscarriage that I developed over years of study and practice in the personal development field. As a result of this process, I didn’t bring any of the fear from my loss into my next successful pregnancy after the miscarriage.

I have the expertise to help you:

  • I’m the best-selling author of 4 books on happiness.
  • I regularly appear in the national media as an expert on relationships, parenting, health and the home.
  • I continue to help hundreds of women to get over their loss and get pregnant after miscarriage.
  • The BEST NEWS is that I am now able to deliver this healing experience to you in a digital format:

You will get:

Five powerful video lessons that build on one another.

A journal to fill out alongside the video lessons.

A guided meditation designed to help you completely heal.

You need to know that:

I created the After Miscarriage digital program because I learned that with the right support and guidance, it is possible to speed up the grieving process and to release your negative emotions from your body.

The transformation I have personally experienced and the healing I have privately facilitated for hundreds of women is so powerful that I wanted to share it with you.

I’ve made it easily affordable at only $49. This six-part package is equal to six personal coaching sessions that would ordinarily be $500 each. That’s $3000 in value for only $49.

ONLY $49

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How Each Part of After Miscarriage Will Help You:

PART 1 - Unravel your emotions and release your anger, fear and sadness as a result of your loss.

PART 2 -  Stop blaming yourself and choose a new, much kinder perspective on your experience.

PART 3 – Bring your fears out and confront them head on so that they don’t get buried inside and cause dis-ease within your body & cells.

PART 4 - Learn a profound process that will help you to release any deep negative beliefs that you’ve adopted as a result of this pregnancy and start to adopt more empowering ones.

PART 5 - Uncover what specifically you’ve learned about yourself in this process — how your baby, even having been with you for a short time, has helped you to heal in a way that you couldn’t have otherwise.

PART 6  – This guided meditation is designed to help you and your baby come to a deep healing agreement so that you can both let each other go and move forward on your paths.

Click here to get started. Let me help you stop grieving and start living again now.


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